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Unified Endpoint Management Software for a Modern Workplace

Flexibility and ease to manage diverse endpoints is now here. Manage any endpoint, from anywhere, anytime.

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What is Unified Endpoint Management?

Unified Endpoint Management or UEM brings into focus the IT pain points of managing modern enterprises’ diverse mobile devices and endpoints. Unified Endpoint Management solution encompasses the device fragmentation in an organization and offers quick solutions for provisioning, deployment, tracking, updates and security.

Comprehensive Features for Your Endpoint Management

Empower your workforce- from remote teams to frontline employees to connect, collaborate and perform with modern tech. Enable your IT teams to seamlessly implement device policies without impacting the end-user experience.

Application Management

Make way for productivity with business apps. Install the latest public and in-house apps on endpoints from the dashboard.

OS Updates Management

Control OS updates for your device inventory. Automate, delay and schedule updates.

Certificate Management

Enable authentication with digital certificates. Verify digital identities on the endpoint without end-user intervention.

Content Management

Extend quick access to business resources and files. Push documents, presentations and configure digital signages with ease.

Network Settings

Push trusted Wi-Fi network settings on your endpoints. Enforce VPN for maintaining security outside the corporate network.

Device Monitoring

Keep a close eye on your entire device inventory. Track location, set geofences and receive alerts on device movement.

Task Automation

Automate recurring IT tasks. Schedule IT tasks, set regular security alerts and compliance checks for enhanced security.

User Data Privacy

On BYO devices, effectively separate work and personal data and apps. Selectively apply policies and access control for the work container.


Integrate your critical business tools with Scalefusion UEM. Leverage Scalefusion API for a customized management experience.

Scalefusion UEM Benefits

Gain total control over your endpoints without spending several productive hours in device management. Say no to complexity without losing ground.

Lifecycle Management

From device provisioning, monitoring, updates to retirement, one-stop solution for all UEM needs.

Quick Enrollment

Cloud-based device provisioning and multiple enrollment types to get you started in less than 15 minutes.

Remote Troubleshooting

Remote cast and control to resolve device issues quickly. Integrated ITSM tools to simplify ticketing.

Task Scheduling

IT task scheduling to free up your IT time. Simplified scheduling without scripting or coding.

Reports & Alerts

Optimized management with automated alerts, detailed device reports and audit logs.

Enhanced Visibility

Better visibility into your endpoints through an intuitive dashboard.

Experience Unified Endpoint Management Driven by Simplicity