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Experience Windows Modern Management powered with simplicity. Everything you need to provision, secure and monitor your Windows 10 devices delivered to your fingertips.

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Experience Flexible Windows Device Management for Modern Businesses

Take device management to the next level by gaining granular control with diverse management modes. Set Windows 10 devices in motion without hampering the user experience.

Windows 10 MDM for Single & Multi App Management
  • Single App Mode: Lock the Windows 10 devices to a single application, block the rest. Ideal for frontline, POS and digital signage use-cases.

  • Multi App Mode: Enable only select apps on the device. Ensure security and avoid misuse of devices for non-business purposes.

  • Custom Management: Extend fully-equipped devices to your employees. Exercise limited control over app downloads and usage.

Key Features of Scalefusion Windows 10 MDM

Leverage a wide range of features for robust Windows 10 device management. Protect corporate data and prevent device misuse.

Robust Windows 10 device management

Custom Branding

Reflect your company’s brand on the corporate-owned Windows 10 devices. Upload home screen and lock screen wallpaper.

Certificate Management

Push digital certificates for authentication and provision digital identities onto devices without end-user interaction.

Email & Exchange Settings

Enable employees to quickly access work emails. Push Email and Exchange configuration on Windows 10 devices.

Network Settings (WiFi)

Provision Wi-Fi connectivity and VPN settings. Allow or block devices from connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Custom Payload

Control device policies with Custom Settings. Use an XML editor of your choice and push a CSP directly to the devices.

Windows Updates Management

Control auto-updates in Windows 10. Schedule OS updates, auto-install and restart from the dashboard.

Monitor device analytics

Gain bird’s eye view of all your managed Windows 10 devices from a centralized dashboard.

VPN Configuration

Secure access to corporate data and networks. Push VPN configuration and authenticate using digital certificates.

Task Automation

Automate recurring IT tasks. Schedule security and compliance checks with Scalefusion Workflows.

Bulk Enrollment,

Make your Windows 10 devices business-ready with out of the box provisioning using Windows Autopilot. On the first power-up, the devices are auto-enrolled in corporate policy configurations.

Speed up the device enrollment process by initiation users-based device enrollment. Import data from Office 365 AD or G Suite and enable quick device provisioning.

Windows Autopilot for Bulk Enrollment
Application Distribution & Management

Deliver Business Apps For
Windows 10

Accelerate workforce productivity with relevant business apps. Don’t let distractions come in the way of productivity. Allow or block apps on managed Windows 10 devices. Silently install or uninstall apps anytime.

Windows Business Store

Publish apps by integrating Windows Business Store on Scalefusion.

Enterprise Store

Publish private Win32 apps and APPX bundles using Scalefusion enterprise store.

View Status

Track application version and installation status.

Application Blacklisting for Distraction-Free Work

Restrict usage of non-business apps on the devices. Blacklist the apps that do not fit your enterprise security profile.

Windows 10 Mobile Device Management wtih App Blacklisting

Say No to Device Downtime With
Scalefusion Remote Support

Reduce device downtime, improve employee productivity. Mirror remote Windows 10 devices screens and take control to resolve device issues. Extend rapid fixes and create support tickets on integrated ITSM platforms.

Windows 10 Device Management with Remote Support

Experience Windows 10 Mobile Device Management Driven by Simplicity

Robust Windows 10 device management
Secure Windows Management Solution

Advanced Security Options for your Windows 10 Deployment

Secure Windows 10 devices deployed for work. Enforce security policies and access control to protect corporate data on company-owned and employee-owned devices. Extend effortless checks and alerts for security and compliance.


Set password complexity and type to ensure access control. Select an idle timeout to auto-lock the screen when unattended.


Encrypt device hard disks to protect data from theft or exposure on lost, stolen, or retired computers.

Windows Information
Protection (WIP)

Leverage Windows Information Protection to encrypt and secure corporate data on BYO PCs.


Protect user information on BYO PCs. Define apps and cloud data that can be accessed from the device.

Restrict Peripheral

Allow or disallow users from using peripherals like USB ports, Bluetooth devices, etc.

Fine-Tune a Secure Browsing Experience on Your Windows 10 Devices

Apply and control browser-level security settings and policies for Edge and Chrome browser. Whitelist websites necessary for work. Block entertainment websites to prevent distractions.

Extend a secure browsing experience by configuring proxy settings, defining a cookie policy and browser extensions.

Windows 10 MDM for Secure Browsing

Get Quick and Deep Insights Into Your Device Inventory


Replace your cumbersome Windows MDM solution with Scalefusion. Our clutter-free dashboard makes it extremely easy to manage your Windows devices and endpoints and to perform day to day operations.

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